Games & Contest

Games and prize give-aways are a big part of the Nozomi Young Koi Show. Everyone is welcome to participate in the fun and educational games that are put together for both adults and children.

The Nozomi Young Koi Show will bring back the crowd favorite, koi scoop game, also known as Kingyosukui. Kingyosukui is a game traditionally played at festivals or major celebrations throughout Japan. The object is to scoop as many koi and goldfish as you can before your paper net breaks. As of today the most fish scooped by anybody at Koi Fest is 13. Make sure you give the game a try and attempt to break this long lasting record.

Other Games Include

  • Kingyosukui (a traditional Japanese festival game)
  • Koi variety knowledge games
  • Coloring contests for kids
  • and much more….